Is the fear of seeing a therapist and the fear of getting upset related?

Is it possible to be okay about getting upset, rather than have to distract and avoid it?

Why are we wary of seeing a therapist? What do we think it means we are weak, or crazy if we seek help?

These are the main themes of my new book where I explore these two related issues and how we can learn a different way of managing our emotions so that we do not have to fear getting upset any more.  I’ve also put together an appendix full of helpful information about finding a therapist and the different therapies that you can choose from.

The book was published in paperback and ebook on 22nd May 2021 by Hero Press (Legend Times Ltd) and in audiobook by Bolinda Digital August 2022. You can get your copy at any of the stores below or at your local library. If you have a library card you can get the Bolinda App for free!

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