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CBT, EMDR & Expressive writing therapies for emotional wellbeing.

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We offer online CBT & EMDR Therapies, as well as expressive writing sessions and courses.

Expressive writing for wellbeing

We also offer both a self-paced video course in expressive writing and expressive writing offloading and processing sessions. Expressive writing is a way of writing about upsetting events that can be helpful in offloading and processing how you feel. Here are some books and articles about this method:

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why DMB Therapy?

We specialise in strategies for managing emotions, which involve helping you manage how you feel in your body as well as what you might be thinking.

  • Over 23 years experience in mental health settings
  • Specialising in CBT for anxiety and stressful life events with a somatic, trauma-informed approach
  • Expertise in expressive writing for emotional wellbeing
  • Author of a book on managing emotions
  • EMDR, Brainspotting and Trauma-focused CBT Trained
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