HSP/SPS is ‘Highly sensitive person’, or a person with a ‘Sensory processing sensitivity’. According to Elaine Aron’s research approximately 20% of the population have this trait. It is a normal trait, not a disorder. It differs from introversion although some introverts can be HSP’s. Some extraverts can be HSP’s too.

There are many ways in which having this trait can both affect and help those of us who have it. It can mean that you see and feel things more deeply than others do, and may get overstimulated very quickly due to the amount of processing needed. Group situations for example can be a place where there is so much going on and needing to be processed that HSP’s can often feel exhausted after an event such a team meeting.

Have a look at Elaine Aron’s website to find out more about this fascinating and very common and normal trait:

I have taken the training and exam to be considered an ‘HSP-Knowledgable Therapist’ and am listed on Elaine’s website. You can see my listing here.