Therapy for therapists

Providing therapy for clients can be a very rewarding experience.  But there are times when things can get too busy and overwhelming, and it can feel tricky trying to juggle your own life with the needs of your work and your clients whilst still maintaining that calm exterior.

I’d like to offer you a space to talk, to offload, to be who you are.  I have worked in many settings in my career and I understand the issues with regards to the need to have confidentiality.  It can be difficult if you work in certain settings and areas, to feel that you have privacy to truly offload without judgement, or coming across people you know, or feeling awkward in some way about trying to get support for yourself.

I offer you confidentiality (subject to the usual caveats around risk which we can discuss).  We can use telephone or the video conferencing site Zoom which is end-to-end encrypted and you can switch the camera off to have audio only if you wish.  Or we can talk over email if that feels better.

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