The Weekly Process

Offload the week just gone and prepare for the week ahead.

The Weekly Process is a structured, expressive writing method in which we write to offload and then process what we have written.

It is a short, snappy method that I use myself to offload and process the week.

Other uses: creative problem-solving, emotional decision-making, identifying how you feel about an issue, dealing with worries, decompressing after a hard week, when worry stops us sleeping.

Try it for yourself now.

Grab a pen, paper and a timer, and press the play button below to be guided through the process.

The Weekly Process: Audio

The Weekly Process – 7 Minute Writing Exercise

Where to go from here

Individual or Group Offloading & Processing Sessions

Individual: Set a regular time for your weekly processing session. I recommend Sundays, but you must do what feels right for you. Alternatively, if you would like to talk through what came up for you during the processing, or you would like a more in-depth and guided processing session. Book an individual session with me below.

Groups: I hold group offloading and processing sessions in your workplace or other chosen venue. The core session is only 30 minutes long, no special equipment is needed, and you are not required to share what you have written.

Online Self-Paced Video Course in Expressive Writing for Emotional Health.

Expressive Writing for Emotional Health: An online course that will take you through the history and practice of expressive writing (and Julia Cameron’s The Morning Pages), and you will come away with your own personal processing plan.