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Offload and process the week just gone, and prepare for the week to come with our short and snappy ‘Offloading & Processing Sessions’. These can take place either individually or in a group setting at your workplace or other venue.

Or choose Individual CBT or EMDR Therapy if you wish to work on an identified problem such as social anxiety, work stress, trauma or other anxiety disorders or emotional difficulties.


If you have been struggling with an issue for some time and would like the space to talk about and explore it, as well as work on changing things, then CBT is a good option for you.

If you are troubled by traumatic memories, then Trauma therapy such as EMDR/Brainspotting or TF-CBT is potentially going to be able to help you work through the way the memory makes you feel.

The Offloading & Processing Session would be a good option for you if you would like to write about how you feel. Particularly if, in your working week at the moment, it feels like there is a lot to process or manage, or you don’t know how you feel about something.

These sessions might also be helpful if you are wrestling with options or wanting to problem solve an emotional decision, or if you are a creative person who wants a tool to help with focus and to sort through the many thoughts you have about an issue.

All individual CBT/EMDR sessions take place over Zoom.

The individual Offloading & Processing Sessions will take place over Zoom. However, if you want to organise individual sessions for your staff members, this can be accommodated at your workplace. Get in touch with me below to arrange this.

I offer an Online Group Offloading & Processing Session over Zoom and In-Person Groups at your workplace or other venue. The group sessions are time-efficient as they take only 30 minutes in total.

The In-Person Groups at your workplace or other agreed venue, are private even though they occur within a group setting. Each person can process privately without needing to share with the group, therefore confidentiality can be maintained. This is important in situations where there is information and feelings that need to be processed. Yet, a need for confidentiality means that certain topics or issues cannot be spoken about. The sessions can be carried out in a time-efficient way as well, with a basic group session taking only 30 minutes from start to finish. Equipment requirements are minimal and no digital equipment is required. Participants keep their own writing, or it can be shredded prior to leaving the session.

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If you would like further details on our services, or would like to arrange workplace workshops on our offloading and processing method, do get in touch.