self help websites and support communities

self help websites

Anna Freud Centre

A really useful and interactive page of resources geared towards young people.

CCI, Centre for Clinical Interventions

Another website used often by therapists to give self-help and psychoe- ducation information to clients.

Esther Perel

Every Mind Matters

Get Self-Help

A favourite of many CBT therapists, this website was set up and is man- aged by CBT therapist Carol Vivyan.

Local Libraries

Local libraries have self-help books available as well as information about local groups that you can join.



Distraction Apps videos-websites-and-apps/


The Free Mindfulness Project –

Lots of free mindfulness exercises to download for free, plus mindfulness apps and a discussion forum.


NHS  leaflets  about  different  mental  health  conditions  –


Self-assessment, self-help and apps from the respected ‘Overcoming’ series.

Psychology Tools

A very handy resource for therapists and clients for information about different issues we can have with our mental health and info sheets on how to manage.

SAMH, Scottish Association for Mental Health

This page of self-help resources has a questionnaire you can answer to get your ‘wellbeing score’.

Self-Help Services

A user-led charity providing lots of self-help resources.

Students Against Depression


The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) has some helpful info on trauma and PTSD.

The Wellness Society

Aims to bridge the gap between private therapy and waiting for NHS services by providing self-help tools and information.

mental health apps

ACT Coach –

Developed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, this app is a good introduction to the principles of the ACT approach.

Action for Happiness –

Babylon –

Speak to a doctor about any health issue.

Beat Panic – Be Mindful –

BiaMother –

App for new mothers.

Buddhify –

A mindfulness meditation app with lots of different options for different age groups.

CALM App –

A longstanding mindfulness app.

CBT Thought Diary App – Catch It –

Chill Panda – COVE –

Daylio –

A daily journal and mood tracker app.

Fear Tools –

An app based around CBT principles for reducing fear and anxiety.

Free Mindfulness Apps –

Happify –

An app that gives you a ‘happiness score’ and lets you plot your moods and thoughts and work towards changing habits and patterns that are not working for you any more.

Headspace –

The original mindfulness and mediation app that has been around since 2010.

Insight Timer App –

An app that has a large amount of different types of meditations for you to try to help with stress, sleep problems and anxiety.


List of apps for wellbeing: advice-information/how-to-look-after-your-mental-health/


MoodFit –

A well-set-out all-round app.

Moodflow –

An app that tracks your mood and gives you a clear visual on what certain periods of the year have been like for you and which days were worse or better.

MoodMission –

An app whose founders have carried out peer-reviewed research and a randomized controlled trial into the app’s effectiveness.

NHS Recommended Apps –

Overcoming –

The ‘Overcoming’ range has apps for anxiety, depression and self-esteem.

Samaritans Self-Help App –

Sleepio –

A respected sleep app.

Shine –

An app for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour.

Stressheads –

An app for young people by The Mix.

Thrive (NHS) – TOMO –

Worry Tree –


For teenagers.

communities: online and offline



Adults survivors of child abuse:


Anxious Minds – – has an online community and Facebook group that you can join wherever you are in the UK. DARE – – set up by Barry McDonagh, author of the book DARE. The website has links to his book, App, and a Facebook community.

Triumph Over Phobia –

Autism, Aspergers and Neurodiversity:


Bipolar UK –

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Brain InjuryHeadway –

Children and Young People

Childline – Kooth –

The Mix –



Support Group –


Families Anonymous –

The Withdrawal Project – twp-connect

Eating Disorders

Family and Relationships

Families Need Fathers –

Family Lives – forum-community/?_ga=2.51933609.1457503942.1600701834- 163298806.1600701834


Gamblers Anonymous – GamCare –

General Help7 Cups – Befrienders –

Mental Health Forum – Mindfulness –

Therapy Friends – (formerly ‘Elefriends’) and

Hearing Voices Network –


Help for Hoarders –


Mentell –

An online community for men 18+ to talk.


OCD Action – OCD UK –

Peer Support Online

Post-Natal Depression social-media-and-facebook-groups/

Self Harm

Self Harm UK –


Spiritual Crisis Network –


Beaumont Society–


ACES Too High Online Community –


Mens Sheds Association – MIND – Social Spaces – Park Run –

Walking for health – healthy-minds

Wave –