Corona Virus: How to manage our anxiety

The first thing is to accept that it is normal that we are feeling anxious and afraid. The events happening at the moment will be triggering the fear centre of our brain and our survival instincts are activated. Why are we feeling so anxious? If we already have reason to fear death and illness (from…

Self help Apps

There are so many apps out there for self help so I thought I’d make a list of the ones that my clients have mentioned or that have been mentioned by colleagues. I’m also trying out one myself at the moment and hope to add to this list. I have no affiliation with any of…

NOTICE…your body

This micro podcast offers a brief moment of pause. In this clip I ask you to pause and check in with your body to see if you are holding any tension anywhere. Notice…and breathe. This moment is just for you.

NOTICE…and Let it go

This micro podcast is a brief clip offering a moment for you to pause and notice if you are worrying about something you cannot do anything about at the moment.

NOTICE…and Power pose

This micro podcast is a brief clip offering a moment for you to pause and adjust your posture into a ‘power pose’ for an instant feeling of more confidence and power. Check out Amy Cuddy’s book ‘Presence’ for more on power posing.

Should we just stop trying to be happy?

This article by Neuroscience news discusses the difficult to accept point that perhaps we are not designed to be happy. I think this makes a lot of sense to me and certainly seems to explain why we struggle to be happy. From a survival point of view it makes more sense for us to be…