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Self help Apps

There are so many apps out there for self help so I thought I’d make a list of the ones that my clients have mentioned or that have been mentioned by colleagues. I’m also trying out one myself at the moment and hope to add to this list. I have no affiliation with any of…

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NOTICE…and Power pose

This micro podcast is a brief clip offering a moment for you to pause and adjust your posture into a ‘power pose’ for an instant feeling of more confidence and power. Check out Amy Cuddy’s book ‘Presence’ for more on power posing.

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The mask of ‘smiling depression’

The following article by Olivia Remes discusses ‘smiling depression’. In clinical practice this term would not be used diagnostically, however I do think that it is a helpful way of describing a certain depressive coping style. ‘Smiling depression’: it’s possible to be depressed while appearing happy – here’s why that’s particularly dangerous Putting on a…

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