A positive example of an open approach to mental health in the music industry

This discussion between Ellie Giles, who manages Bill Ryder-Jones, and Ryan Bassil gives a positive example of how to manage mental health in the music industry. Ellie is honest about her own limits and clear with her own self care so that she can be present when needed for her artist. She briefly discusses the mental health difficulties that her artist struggles with, and how she and the label manage this. The key points for me are:

  • Being kind to yourself, and to others
  • Look after yourself and put your self care first so that you can be more present for others
  • Know your limits and don’t be afraid to seek help
  • Keep clear boundaries – don’t be ‘on-call’ all the time

That’s how we’re going to move forward: be kind to yourself, then be kind to others.

Ellie Giles

Read the complete article here: How to Approach Mental Health as a Band or Artist Manager – Noisey

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